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What is NR1?

NR1 is a simple to use free file hosting service. It lets you share your photos, documents, music, videos and more with others online..

What kind of content is allowed to be uploaded?

NR1 welcomes uploading any content, as long as the content is legal in Russian and you have the legal right to make the content available on our service..

As an exception to this policy to prevent abuse, we do not allow malware on our service. Any malware that could be used to infect other computers may be removed from our service at our discretion.

Do you keep logs of uploaded content?

We don't collect or log any data.

We have no statcounter or anything that might trace our users in real-time like Google Analytics.

We count data traffic for uploads and downloads on NR1.nu but this is nothing that can tie a person to an specifik upload or download.

To support our service you can donate using bitcoins: "key"

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